Exploring the Industrial Mind of Italy’s Arcangelo Sassolino

With a solid background of prominent historical artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, Italy continues to produce and nurture top of the list art specialists all around the world. The trend of visual arts in Italy had ventured into a new height, engaging overwhelming progressing into sculpture making, paintings and drawings, ceramics designs and a bit of photography and filmmaking. Many of the artists portray a natural passion and skill in their art-making in a way that they have influenced other art genres like conceptual art, textile art, and performing arts. Italian artists have maintained all the aspects of visual arts, and some have also collaborated well with the applied arts of fashion designs, decorative art designs, industrial designs, and graphic designs.

Arcangelo Sassolino and his works

One of the rising yet successful modern Italian artists who has a significant following around the world is Arcangelo Sassolino. He is a native of Trissino near Vicenza; a province in Italy. Born in1976 Sassolino went to pursue a career path in creative visual arts in the latter part of his life. At an early age, his interest in art resulted in the creation of a 3D puzzle game which opened the door for him to go internationally. He spent almost six years enhancing his craft in New York as an inventor and developer of toys and games.

His work is phenomenal, especially the concepts of his artistic creations. It was his stay in America and regular visits to Japan that inspired him to improve more on his artistic side. Over time his art ventured into material and physical entities that display the impact of force. In other words, his creative work is channeled in the line of physics, where it utilizes mechanical behaviors in the art displays. The kind of artwork that he does demands the investment of time, research, planning, and budgeting. However, the outcome is mesmerizing and takes art into a whole new level. His artwork depicts the physicality of objects, including the impact of mechanical precision that is applied to it with sheer force and pressure. His kinetic sculptures may appear to be destructive from the way they are oriented and displayed but will give you a thrilling experience, and at best, leave you in awe.

Arcangelo Sassolino is now a prominent figure in the art industry. His solo presentation has been exhibited up to 15 times in different countries all around the world. These are some of the places that have seen the exhibitions of Sassolino:

  • Palais de Tokyo in Paris (2008),
  • The Time Tomb,
  • Z33,
  • Hasselt, Belgium (2010),
  • MACRO Museum in Rome (2011),
  • Villa Pisani Bonetti,
  • Lonigo, IT (2014),
  • Galerie Rolando Anselmi, Berlin (2016), and
  • Pearl Lam Gallery, Hong Kong (2018).

His artistic works were also displayed in public institutions and prestigious Museums in Milan and Venice, and even in Berlin and Goppingen. He has never failed to impress the general audience with his spectacular pieces of artistic work, and his solo exhibition has been gradually and progressively studded with artistic merits.