Virtual art

The Move to a Virtual World: Accessing Art in the Internet Era

Italy is well-known for having one of the finest and most well-preserved collections of art and architecture in the world within its borders. However, it’s not always practical to access these feats of human creativity and imagination in person. Luckily, the internet provides the perfect way in which to experience the art of Italy, and indeed of the world, without having to leave your living room. So, if your next trip to this historical European country is still looking too far away for your liking, you can enjoy some immediate Italian culture through one of the methods listed below.

The Brilliant Chirico Giorgio

Chirico Giorgio, who is also known as Giorgio de Chirico, is an Italian, born and raised in Volos Greece. His took a job at the Greek railway system as an Engineer while his mother was a woman of Nobel stature from Genoa, Italy. During his childhood, his parents noticed his talents in art and encouraged him to choose the path. He grew up to have a deep interest in Greek mythology and the influence of which perhaps propelled him in his artistic endeavors. Also, at a very young age, he was diagnosed with intestinal disorders that people believe manifested in his melancholic attitude.